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How Stories Work

Storytelling technique

Are we “story illiterate”?

By Miranda / 4th February 2020 /

My 11 year-old niece and 8 year-old nephew asked me what I like to watch. I presumed they meant on TV and said I like drama, documentaries, comedy …

And then I tailed off.

They looked confused. …

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two sides to every story

There are (at least) two sides to every story

By Miranda / 21st January 2020 /

There are two sides to every story. At least. I learned this early. Not because I was a philosophical or humanitarian wunderkind, but because I needed to prepare an alternative version of my own reality …

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Christmas stories

Christmas stories

By Miranda / 23rd December 2019 /

The stories you tell yourself at Christmas, like those you tell at any time of year, are a function of your own history, your cultural and family training, and your own imagination. You have a choice about the stories you allow to define your ongoing reality. This is …

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Why you respond to stories

How stories connect

By Miranda / 3rd December 2019 /

Go on, admit it. You love a bit of drama.

Of course, you’re above petty public squabbling and wouldn’t dream of making obscure, sadfish social media posts designed to elicit a “u ok, hun?” response. …

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